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Remembrance Items



Thumbies fingerprint memorial jewelry gives families and friends the unique opportunity to immortalize the fingerprint of their loved one in a precision-embossed precious-metal charm. The fingerprint can be incorporated into a number of styles of memorial jewelry including pendants, tie-tacks and cufflinks.

Glass Blown Art

Blown glass

The artist creates each remembrance by first carefully placing the ashes on a metal plate. A 'gather' of molten glass is collected on the end of a steel pipe and rolled into the cremains. Another layer of molten glass is added to encase the ashes before adding the bits of colored glass and metals for the design. Once all layers of glass have been added and the piece has been shaped, it is slowly cooled overnight to prevent cracking. Each piece is then ground and polished, and the (optional) personalized inscription is hand-etched on to the bottom of the piece

Life Gem

Life gem

The LifeGem® is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life, or as a symbol of your personal and precious bond with another.

LifeGem diamonds are molecularly identical to natural diamonds found at any high-end jeweler. To qualify as diamonds, they must have the exact same brilliance, fire, and hardness (the hardest substance known) as diamonds from the earth, and of course, they do!

Madelyn Jewelry

Madelyn locket

From Madelyn Saxer's zest for living and her ability to embrace death, the concept of the Keepsake Pendant was born: A symbol of continuing love... a reassuring remembrance to keep close to one's heart.

Madelyn Jewelry's Keepsake Pendants bring memories to an even more personal level by holding a small portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers. The pendants may be worn or displayed in a glass dome.


Teddy bear

Our Teddy Bear Keepsake Urns give a child something to hold tight to and cuddle when they are sad and missing a departed loved one. There is nothing quite like hugging a teddy bear tight for comfort and a feeling of warmness to help soothe the pain and loss you feel. These cute, precious Teddy Bear Urns will hold all or a portion of the cremains, while the Newborn Teddy Bear Urns hold all of the cremains of an infant. Losing a baby is especially traumatic, and the healing process is different for every unique individual. We offer products that are not only unique and comforting during a stressful time in your life, they are very affordable as well.


Cenotaph tree

A cenotaph is a tomb or a monument erected in honour of a person or group of persons whose remains are elsewhere. It can also be the initial tomb for a person who has since been interred elsewhere. Although the vast majority of cenotaphs are erected in honour of individuals, many of the best-known cenotaphs are instead dedicated to the memories of groups of individuals, such as the war dead of one country or empire.