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Burial Options

At Musgrove Family Mortuaries & Cemeteries, we have many pristine areas on our grounds set aside for traditional burial or cremation burial. Choose from a variety of tree-shaded, landscaped garden vistas or beautiful garden sites near unique statuary or memorial features. We also offer lawn crypts—affordable, pre-installed grass topped crypts—with an integrated drainage system which allows for a 'dry' interment and a 'double-depth' configuration.

To view the beautiful gardens we have available, see our locations pages

To provide protection for the casket and to prevent the ground from collapsing, our cemetery requires an outer burial container, or burial vault, to surround the casket in the grave. These items may be purchased at substantial savings in advance of need.

Once you have chosen a special resting place, you can personalize the site with a custom crafted granite or bronze memorial and dedicate another special monument, such as a memorial bench or tree.